Posted 11 Aug 2010
Dvorak Prague Festival 2010

Each year, thousands of musicians and classical music enthusiasts gather in the Czech Republic's capital city of Prague. The occasion is the for Dvorak Prague Festival, a classical music festival honoring the life and works of its namesake, composer Antonin Dvorak.

History of Antonin Dvorak Dvorak, born in what is now the Czech region of Bohemia in 1841, is perhaps the single most famous Czech musician and as such is often used as a symbol of national pride. Despite having a career that sent him all over Europe, to the US and to Australia, Dvorak felt deeply connected with his homeland and considered himself Czech. This is especially important considering that at this time Czechs had no sovereign nation. Dvorak was highly active in Prague's musical circles, being a founding member of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Due to Dvorak's recognition as a master of classical music around the world, his self-identification with the Czech people, as well as Prague's centuries-old status as an international cultural hub, the festival's organizers see the Dvorak Prague Festival as simultaneously international and distinctly Czech.

The Dvorak Prague Festival is held every summer at the Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague. Throughout the two week festival there are a series of performances of works by Mozart, Strauss, Schubert anend of course, Dvorak. Renowned chamber ensembles, soloists and orchestras all make their way to Prague to celebrate the Dvorak Prague Festival, with one or two groups performing every night. The Rudolfinum, which sits in Jan Palach square on the banks of the Vitava River, is a world-renowned example of neo-Renaissance architecture and is one of the most culturally significant buildings in Prague. Dvorak is honored with a statue in his likeness in front of the Rudolfinum.

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