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How to deal with clothing disaster’s using item’s you can find in the hotel

Getting into a muddle in your hotel room can be stressful. At least at home you can have an arsenal of stuff to help you out. So, with this in mind Jurys Inn has provided some top tips for last minute clothing and fashion disasters.

Red Wine Stains

Stains are rubbish. Not knowing how to sort them out is even worse. Probably the most ominous cause of stains is red wine. Picture having a cheeky glass at the bar before heading out – you’re all glammed up, looking forward to the night ahead and you’ve ordered a large one. Now, at this point the rules of Sod’s law dictate the glass of wine should find itself all over your fresh threads.

Do not despair! Just order some more, but this time make it white. As I’m sure everyone has heard; white wine is red wine’s kryptonite. Dip your napkin into the white and lightly dab the stain several times. Do not rub or smear! Make sue to draw out the stain with a dry napkin in between dabs with the white wine soaked one.

Lipstick Stains

For all you Casanova’s out there; coming back after a night on the town with lipstick on your collar might somewhat of an occupational hazard. Get hold of some hairspray, and apply – you could save yourself a perfectly good shirt. It must have been working for you, so give it the care it deserves.

Deodorant Stains

Stuck in a hotel room with a fresh shirt, and a couple of deodorant stains, is not fun. You can’t just run it under the tap because it would look like you’ve just run a marathon. Have a look in the cupboard – any of those coat hangers have that bit of protective foam round them? If so, remove from coat hanger and gently rub the white marks until clean. If not, procure some nylon garment – pantyhose, or something similar, and use that instead.

Cleaning Suede

If someone does go stepping on those blue suede shoes of yours – with a great big old muddy boot, say – all is not lost. Believe it or not, the crust of some stale bread will tackle dirtied and stained suede head on.

This does require a period of waiting for the bread to dry out, although you could always try using a hair dryer to quicken the process. Gently rub the crust across the stain and watch in awe as the bread becomes the bread-winner.

Bonus tip:
Need to de-scuff suede? Easy – just use a nail file.

Crease-free Clothing

Getting to your room and opening up the suitcase after a long journey to find a load of wrinkled clothes is the last thing anyone wants. Get prepared and source some plastic dry-cleaning bags before you pack – pack the clothes in these and wrinkles will be a thing of the past. If only the one’s on the skin were that easy!

De-misting Mirrors

It seems fairly obvious, but we’ve all stood in front of the mirror with a towel after a shower frantically trying to wipe the mirror, to no avail. Just get out the hair-dryer, and in you’ll be staring at a crystal clear reflection in no time at all.

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