Posted 05 Aug 2010
Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian based company that puts on shows exemplifying street entertainment and circus arts. The Cirque du Soleil enterprise has expanded from Montreal to many cities throughout the world. Although there is no permanent Cirque du Soleil Dublin, touring versions are becoming attracted to the city's famous 3Arena venue.

Cirque du Soleil Dublin at The 3Arena (o2)

The 3Arena, formerly the o2 Dublin, is a state of the art venue for music and various other forms of entertainment. Located in Dublin, Ireland, The 3Arena attracts world class acts such as Santana, Sting and Lady Gaga. In July 2010, the touring Cirque du Soleil show Saltimbanco traveled to Dublin to put on a series of performances at the 3Arena. The 3Arena/o2's versatility makes it a great venue choice for both musical acts and Cirque du Soleil performances. Saltimbanco was highly successful in Dublin, so much so that Cirque du Soleil plans to put on more shows at the 3Arena (o2) in the future.

You can check out a short video for their shows in the 3Arena/the o2 here:


Saltimanco is Cirque du Soleil's oldest touring show. It is also the face of Cirque du Soleil Dublin. Saltimbanco was designed to be a celebration of life, and to combat the violence and despair that seemed prevalent in the 20th century. The show itself includes a myriad of artistic and symbolic acrobatics. It also features stylistic dance routines, gymnastics and bodily contortion.

The music of Saltimbanco is original and captivating. Composed by Rene Dupere, Saltimbanco's musical score contains musical styles ranging from classical to modern and is readily availbale at Amazon. It has been released several times in album form, and is available for purchase.

Cirque du Soleil Dublin is just starting. The great success of Saltimbanco at the 3Arena means that it is likely Cirque du Soleil will return to Ireland. If you're planning a trip to Dublin, keep in mind that seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance at the o2, now the 3Arena, might be an option for you.

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