Christmas | Posted 01 Dec 2016

Managing the Christmas period is a stressful task. Finding the time to organise presents, a tree, decorations, crackers as well as managing various family members and a very large meal, there is little time to think about stocking fillers. To help you along in this busy period, Jurys Inn has put together an idea list of stocking fillers for all the family – Christmas is the perfect time for adults to find their inner child!

Jurys Inn’s Stocking Filler Think Tank:

Bottle chillers (Adults) - Perfect for keeping beer and cider cool, this is a good present for either spouse.

Magazine – If your partner or children don’t read magazines much, it can be a nice change or treat, especially for after Christmas dinner while grandparents snooze on the sofa.

Body Wash- A standard stocking staple- everyone wants to be clean and it’s a useful gift.

Clip Reading Lamp – The perfect gift for kids who share rooms with younger siblings and enjoy reading, or for a partner who likes to read late into the night.

A Book- This helps encourage youngsters to read as well as offering your partner or child a chance to read something they may not have considered before.

The Genie Head Massager (Adults) - this is a great gift for a partner who has trouble unwinding after work. The head massager is surprisingly relaxing and is helps relieve tension – especially if you’re a frowner!

Notebooks- notebooks are always useful. For kids it’s a great gift to help inspire them to be creative, and for adults it is perfect for organising or writing ideas down.

Candles (Adults) – Simple, cheap and a great stocking filler, candles are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere, enjoying a relaxing bath, or simply giving the room a nice aroma.

DVD- Universal gift that everyone will enjoy and can be picked up pretty cheaply.

Terrys Chocolate Orange- Perfect stocking filler and very Christmassy- but if it’s not your cup of tea, any chocolate will do….

Light up Kineteic Wheel – Hours of fun f or youngsters, (as well as good for training motor skills) but can also be surprisingly entertaining for adults too!

Kaleidoscope – Kids love these, as do many adults - who wouldn’t?

Colour Bubble Mixing Lab- Making bubbles can be even more fun- this is a great present for kids of all ages.

Etch a Sketch – Young or old- who doesn’t like having a play with one of these?

Slinky – Fun for all but mostly for the children- hours of entertainment from something so simple!

Harmonica – a fantastic little instrument which is cheap, cheerful and entertaining for anyone musical.

Bathroom Hoopla- fun for all bath times no matter your age.

Silly putty- no words are needed…

Stencils - get creative as a family or leave the kids to it, either way, a good stocking filler.

PJs – A new pair of PJs are always required!

Plug phone holder for charging (Adults- ish)- A great way to keep phones off the floor and wires neatly tucked away, this is a very useful gift and fantastic stocking filler!

Colouring book- Let’s get back to basics- colouring books always go down a treat with kids.

Lip Balms or Cream Sets- This is a fantastic gift useful for all members of the family - Burt’s Bees offer some fantastic natural and nourishing sets for Christmas.

Pez Dispenser- Perfect for kids, a great memory lane gift for adults!

Swiss Army knife (Adults) - All the gismos in a Swiss Army Knife are pretty useful, making it a good stocking filler.

Socks- With the washing machine eating them regularly, and the sock fairy running away with the matching sock from your favourite pair- socks in the stocking is always a good shout.

Alcohol (Adults) – A nice little treat for adult stockings, whether a small bottle of whiskey or the mini bottles of bubbly.

Microwavable slippers - An ideal gift to keep warm and snuggle up in the winter. It’s also perfect for family members with bad circulation

Wooden Puzzle Brain Teasers – Fantastic gift to keep youngsters entertained as well as a good brain exerciser for adults who like a puzzle!

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