Christmas | Posted 20 Nov 2014

Festive jumpers and winter are pretty much a given but there are a few spectacularly extravagant ones that hit the streets, homes and work places- Take a look at Jurys Inn’s top picks of THE most abominable Christmas jumpers that should be avoided this winter.

The Family Duo

Family Duo Christmas Jumpers
Sweaters by Lisa H / CC BY image size has been modified)

Sorry guys but your Christmas jumpers make the list, nice work on the mantelpiece though!

The Too Cool For School

Christmas Jumper
Fancy Sweater by Lisa H/ Creative Commons(image size has been modified)

The smile says ‘I’m cool’… but the jumper makes that much harder to pull off.

The Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Jumpers Picture: River Island via The Telegraph

The 2013 River Island Christmas jumper… why, just why?

The Terrified Rudolph

The Terrified Rudolph Christmas JumpersPicture: ‘Rudolph Chaos’ via Snappypixels©

Not sure there are words for this one…

The Rock’n’Roll

Matching Grandparents Christmas JumpersPicture: ‘Toast-Ugly-Christmas-sweaters’ via Snappypixels

Well, maybe not quite Rock’n’Roll…

The Matching Grandparents

Matching Grandparents Christmas JumpersPicture: ‘Matching Grandparents’ Via PRWeb

So cheesy but you just can’t help but say “awww”…

The Low Cut Xmas Vest

Matching Grandparents Christmas JumpersPicture: Via TheDailyRag

This is less of a Xmas jumper, more of a Xmas vest… which could maybe do with another button higher up.

The Tinsel Bomb

The Tinsel Bomb Christmas JumpersPicture: Via 5shotamericano

An explosion of tinsel that should probably be left on the Christmas tree…

The 3D Deer & Angry Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Christmas Jumpers Picture: Via TheDailyRag

Homemade and bordered with tinsel, we just feel for the poor stuffed toy reindeer that must have been sacrificed to make this.

The Rocket Tree

Christmas Jumpers Picture: ‘diy-ugly-Christmas-sweater-ideas-7’ via Snappypixels

This makeshift rocket-shaped Christmas tree jumper, complete with bow tie and lights, had to make the list. Its wearer seems happy with it though, and that’s what counts… right?

All for a good cause…

Everyone loves a good Christmas jumper, and clearly some love the worst but it’s all in the name of holiday cheer! So much so that the Meadowhall Centre near our Sheffield Hotel held a ‘Jumper-thon’, attempting to ‘break the Guinness World Record for the largest festive group of people wearing Christmas Jumpers in one place.’ They didn’t quite manage to get the 639 participants needed to break the world record, but they are planning to try again next year!


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