Posted 09 Nov 2015
It’s the most wonderful time of year, and whether you’re spending it with friends or family, don’t get caught up in the last minute shopping frenzy with a blank mind and a lack of ideas! Here’s a quick overview of some great options for gifts this year.

Food & Drink gifts

Christmas CookiesChristmas tree cookies by kinwart/CCYB (image size has been modified)

One of the best parts of the festive season is the delicious food and drink on offer. From a plump Christmas roast to a delectable pudding and all the trimmings in between, you should be forgiven for gorging during this particular holiday.

When it comes to gifting, food and drink can be a great choice to please everyone. Grow-your-own kits will let you produce your very own herbs or chillies, and there are plenty of mug sets that include novelty teas, coffees, and hot chocolate mixes, just waiting to be gulped down. Devilishly spicy hot sauce bottles, jars of sweets and chocolates, and bottles of wine and liqueur all make good options, no matter what the price range, whilst display items for the kitchen like spice racks and cheese boards are always a favourite.

Check out this list for some great home-made food gifts.

Fashion & Beauty gifts

Everyone likes to be spoiled once in a while, and Christmas is the perfect time for just that. With so many possibilities from bath and shower gifts to warm and woolly hats, scarfs, and gloves, the festive season is definitely a time for pampering.

Make-up sets are a great pick as there is normally a huge range to choose from, while scented candles, massage oils, and bath lotions make for a fragrant and relaxing night in. Novelty shower items are also a good choice, with funny soap bars and decorated towels always providing entertainment on Christmas morning. A knitted Christmas jumper or pair of socks are staples for the holidays, and a nice bag or a piece of jewellery can make a special present for a special person.

Take a glance at these suggestions for beauty-related gifts, or try this list for fashion and clothing presents.

Gadgets & Technology gifts

Christmas StockingsStocking filler ideas

Gadgets can undoubtedly make very cool presents, with so many things that are both low-cost and high-entertainment for everyone. From plug-in electronics to useful knick-knacks, desktop accessories to keychains and bottle openers, gadgets can be small and inexpensive enough to be great stocking fillers.

Stimulating puzzles and small board games
are excellent for kids, and there’s a range of USB-plugin devices like lamps and speakers that can liven up a desk. Look for alarm clocks that you’d want to wake up to, light-up pint and wine glasses, or even a waterproof radio for the shower! For upmarket options, try a dinosaur robot or a remote control helicopter, and if you’re on a budget, consider some small novelty items like tablet or phone covers and stickers.

If you’re stuck for great stocking-filler ideas, take a look at our Stocking Filler Think Tank.


Homemade & Craft gifts

One of the great pleasures of gifting at Christmas is putting the hard work in yourself and showing someone how much you care with a beautiful handmade gift. From bundles of home cooked treats to creative jewellery and clothing, nothing beats the feeling of giving a fantastic present that costs close to nothing.

Combining scented ingredients with salt or sugar can make a useful shower scrub, and melting down old candlewax into a mug or jar will give you an entirely new and colourful candle. Using old trinkets from around the house, or fabric from old clothes, you can put together something original and innovative with ease and impress your friends and family with your thoughtfulness! For more home-made gifts with charm, take a look at Jurys Inn’s Christmas on a Budget.

Experience gifts

Sometimes the best presents aren’t things that you can wrap up. For memories that can last forever, try gifting your friends and family with an experience or package that you can both enjoy. Whether it’s a luxury feast or an exciting getaway, experience gifts often provide the chance to do something amazing at a very reasonable price.

With offers of romantic wining and dining at Michelin restaurants to adventures and expeditions all over the world, or tours of fascinating historical sights to lessons in gourmet cooking or flying a plane, pick the right package for you and your loved ones and make this Christmas a truly special occasion.

If you are looking to gift an experience, like a city centre tour or destination trip, don’t forget to book a room at your local Jurys Inn or treat a friend or family member to a Jurys Inn gift voucher this Christmas.

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