Posted 27 Aug 2010
When you are undertaking a massive trip like backpacking around the globe, there are many steps to consider before making your plans. When you're on the road, you'll need information you can access easily and quickly. When you're traveling around the world, being prepared should be an understatement, so consider visiting some of these websites to help you through the process:

When You're Trying to Get There

When you're trying to get to your next destination and you need to book a flight, visit the aggregator site, where you'll be able to find an overview of the cheapest prices from over 600 airlines across 200 different websites. You can easily personalize your search by airport or departure time.

When You're Traveling Through Europe

When you're trying to find the best low-fare airlines in Europe, go to and you'll find excellent information on 45 different low-fare carriers throughout the continent. You'll be able to choose where you're departing from and where you're traveling so you can easily determine which carrier will give you the most direct flight.

When You're Booking Hotels

When you need to book a hotel, consider going to This website aggregator searches through nearly 160,000 hotels all across the globe. You are able to sort your listings by locations and view photos, but the best aspect is that close to 10% of all hotels have been suggested by real travelers.

When You're Looking At Menus

If you're scouring menus across the United States, you must visit, which has about 25,000 restaurants in eight cities listed by neighborhood, food type, price or random craving. You can't book tables online, but between 3,000 and 5,000 restaurants are updated every month.

When You Want To Know Where the Foodies Eat

If you're interested in taking a break from shoestring eating and want to know where all of the global foodies recommend eating, go to for a community of people obsessed with food who are actually willing to share their best finds. This site will give you videos of local culinary customs, tasting blogs and interviews with food experts.

When You Need To Book a Seat

Everyone knows that booking a seat can quite stressful, but with you can preview seat maps before you book anything. You'll be able to locate power outlets, determine which seats have the most leg room and know where the bathrooms are before you even board.

When You Want To Customize Your Itinerary

If you need to customize your itinerary, always go to where you're able to plan a trip to more than 90 different destinations beginning to end. You'll be able to include hotels, entertainment and restaurants.

When You Need to Convert Your Currency

One of the most difficult aspects to traveling can be converting your money constantly, but with, you'll find 180 currencies from over 250 countries that are updated all day long.

When You Need Weather Updates won't disappoint because it's the best at delivering all the news you need on weather essentials. You can get current conditions for 98,000 places all across the world. Each one of them is updated every 20 minutes.

When You Need to Create a Map

Clearly designed and easy to read maps are essential for travelers backpacking around the globe. You'll need driving directions, live, continually updated traffic conditions and street views for as many cities as possible. With Google Maps you'll find all of that plus phone numbers, addresses and websites for whatever you're mapping.

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