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Whether you’re planning your next getaway out of Scotland’s Granite City or you’re visiting London over a long weekend, why not consider staying in an airport hotel? From avoiding early morning traffic jams to having the ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep before your flight, here are six key reasons to bed down at an airport hotel.

Enjoy complete convenience

Got an early flight or perhaps you’re arriving into the city late? Staying at a hotel near the airport means you don’t have to face a long drive at an unsociable hour. What’s more, there’ll be no need to wake up unnecessarily early to travel to the airport, allowing you to enjoy a better night’s sleep and feel more refreshed for your flight.

There’s no getting stuck in traffic

We’ve all had nightmares about missing flights because we’re stuck in traffic. The same goes for cancelled or delayed public transport. By staying right next to the airport in a comfortable hotel the night before, you’ll eliminate the possibility of getting stuck or having to rush to make your flight.

You can easily retrieve left items

Forget something important in your hotel room? No worries. As airport hotels are typically either within walking distance or just a short shuttle bus ride away from the departure terminal, it’s usually possible to nip back if you do leave an item behind by mistake.

It’s possible to get a great deal on a hotel and parking…

If you’re heading somewhere overseas for a couple of weeks, it can often cost a small fortune to park your car at the airport! Luckily, it’s possible to nab a great deal on an airport hotel and parking when you book in advance.

…or avoid paying for airport parking altogether

Got a friend who might be willing to drive you to and from the airport? Or maybe there’s a direct train or coach service? By staying in an airport hotel before or after a flight, you can arrive or leave in your own time and avoid paying for expensive parking.

Airport hotels often have great business facilities

If you’re in Aberdeen or London on business, staying at an airport hotel is often the best accommodation solution. You’ll not only have easy and quick access to the airport and city centre, but you can also take advantage of onsite meeting rooms and bar areas.

Like the sound of making your next trip to Aberdeen or London completely stress free? Book a room at our Aberdeen Airport Hotel or Heathrow Airport Hotel.


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