Posted 06 Jan 2011
London, England is renowned for many things: culture, history, regality and fine dining. Upon finding yourself in London, one your first priorities should be to make sure and sample some of the world class fare. Following is a list of restaurants you should be sure to catch when in London:

Assaggi - 39 Chepstow Place W2

Assaggi is a small restaurant that sits atop a pub, not far from Notting Hill. Assagi is a simplistic, rustic place that serves a wonderful variety of bold Italian cuisine. The menu at Assagi varies by season, but at any point on the calendar it is a treat not to be missed, and certainly one of the true restaurant jewels of London.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay - 68 Royal Hospital Road

Due to Gordon Ramsay's newly widened demographic of celebrity status, it may become lost in the hype that he is in the position of celebrity due to his incredible culinary skills, not because of his sometimes vile temperament. Along with the incredible variety and sumptuous cuisine, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is world famous for its brilliant customer service. From the moment you arrive until the moment you exit, you will be surrounded by the highest quality dining and courtesy found anywhere. This is a London restaurant that would certainly be tragic not to experience.

Goodman - 26 Maddox Street and 11 Old Jewry

Goodman is largely recognized as the finest steakhouse in London. With two locations in the city, the restaurants offer a rustic yet fairly elegant steakhouse ambiance. Along with serving the finest cuts of beef one will find anywhere, Goodman is renowned for its friendly, personable staff. Many diners speak as highly of the interesting, unforced conversation with the wait staff as they do the incredibly delicious steaks.

Zayna - 25 New Quebec Street

Zayna is considered by many to be the finest Pakistani restaurant in London. The menu is genuine and authentic, as is the North Indian/Pakistani atmosphere and decor. The staff at Zayna is attentive yet intentionally non-intrusive. Definitely make sure to try one of Zayna's signature dishes, as they are among the most exotic and delicious you will find anywhere in London.

The Ledbury - 127 Ledbury Road

The Ledbury, located in Notting Hill, is commanded by Australian chef Brett Graham, who just happens to be the first Australian to win two Michelin stars. The Ledbury's varied and distinctive cuisine is rivaled only by its excellent selection of fine wines. Boasting original creations such as chestnut and truffle soup and baked loin of Silka deer, The Ledbury is an experience not to be passed up.

There is plenty of culture and societal wonders to be absorbed in London. However, in between the shopping and learning, make sure to take advantage of these top 5 London restaurants. Your taste buds will surely thank you.

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