Posted 29 Sep 2011
It is time for the 2011 Cabaret Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, and it promises to be a huge success. The original festival, in 2009, was a gamble but the huge clamor for a repeat event just reflects the love of cabaret and Glasgow's success at hosting a spectacular festival. It will take place between the 8th and the 16th of October, if you are thinking of attending and need a hotel, check out the Jurys Inn range of hotels in Glasgow. Cabaret is an underrepresented genre of entertainment, and though almost everyone has heard of it, surprisingly not everyone understands what it is about and what to expect.

Cabaret was first introduced in France in 1881. It featured a show including elements of comedy, singing, dancing and theatre. The original spaces used were often restaurants or theatres. The audience sat near the stage and could relax and enjoy themelves at tables, eating, drinking and smoking. As cabaret spread, it adopted elements of burlesque, with the show people often mingling with the crowd among the tables while they sang and danced.

The Glasgow Cabaret Festival is the only one of its sort in the UK. The 2009 show was highly successful despite problems with fundraising. The 2011 Fest has enjoyed a generous outpouring of financial support and sponsorship. The festival is gaining in popularity.

Glasgow is a city rich in history and architecture and the venues for the show are some of the oldest and most prominent theatres and restaurants in the city. Some of the venues being used in the festival are the Tron Theatre, Nude, the Garage, the Rio Cafe, Glasgow University Union and the Pavilion Theatre.

The show aims to be unique and innovative and is utilizing a wide variety of cabaret genres. There will be circus and freak elements, and the shows will include body artistry and dancing, tease art and knife throwing.

Cabaret is a fun, lighthearted, provocative genre where people can enjoy various art forms while feeling good. The Glasgow 2011 Cabaret Festival promises to be an enjoyable time of music, dancing, drinking and feasting in an historic setting. It will also serve to promote the often underrated form of entertainment known as cabaret.

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