Things to do | Posted 13 Feb 2012
The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, England are filled with mystery, history, and, as the name suggests, torture. The courthouse and gaol of Nottingham houses this museum, open to visitors daily. Learn about how justice was executed in the time of Robin Hood and the crusades and forward through the ages in this fascinating museum. Audio tours as well as live guided tours run daily through this fascinating location. From sentencing, to torture, to justice being executed, many times through execution, these exhibits transport the visitor into a time gone by.

Exhibitions in the Galleries of Justice include five different exhibit halls ranging from justice to torture, and even includes a relatively new section on the man, history, and legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham’s most famous outlaw. The Cabinets of Crime exhibition sends visitors on a scavenger hunt to find things like the executioners box and investigate the devices of torture and murder held within these walls. Stand in the last spot of the condemned before heading out, thankfully alive, to the next exhibit.

Of many different exhibits for visitors to enjoy, one of the most popular is the Crime and Punishment exhibit This exhibit teaches visitors about different historical outlaws and lawment that hailed from the Nottingham area. Learn about the use and misuse of power held in the Galleries of Justice that finally led to the Victorian leaders closing this location permanently.

For those experience seekers interested in the paranormal, it is important to note that the Galleries of Justice has been voted one of the most haunted sights in the United Kingdom. A new Ghost and Ghouls tour takes visitors into the underbelly of the Galleries of Justice for a trip like no other. With an expectation of something paranormal happening, tour guides lead visitors through a cave system running underneath the galleries and the culminate in the great halls themselves for an incredible sensory experience.

Visitors wishing to stay overnight in Nottingham will have no difficulty here. There are many hotels in Nottingham available in the city ranging from the luxurious to the simple. Guest farms, spa packages, and even hostels and camping wait to see to every visitors’ needs. With available locations to fit every budget, every traveler can enjoy Nottingham to its fullest.

Nottingham and the Galleries of Justice are an experience like no other. For a great way to sense history in a new and exciting way, visit Nottingham.

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