Posted 18 Feb 2011
Throughout its 1100 year history, Prague has been a prominent religious and cultural European centre. During the Gothic and Renaissance eras, Prague was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and home to two Holy Roman Emperors. It also played an important role in the Protestant Reformation. Furthermore, Prague has made a number of important cultural contributions. It's theatres, museums, libraries and festivals showcase music and art for its widespread tourism industry, and a number of famous painters, musicians and actors trained in Prague.

Prague's religious history is not altogether lost in its culture. This is exemplified in its annual St. Matthew's Fair. The St. Matthew's Fair in Prague, which will run between March 5th and April 25th in 2011, will feature rides and other activities for both children and adults.

History of The St. Matthew's Fair in Prague

The earliest record of the St. Matthew's Fair in Prague dates back to the year 1595. It is the first known Spring fair in Europe, and it is held to honor Prague's patron saint. One of Jesus' 12 apostles, St. Matthew wrote the first of four canonical gospels in the New Testament. Each year since the inception of the St. Matthew's Fair in Prague, thousands of people flock to Prague to celebrate the life and work of St. Matthew.

The 2011 St. Matthew's Fair in Prague will feature over 130 attractions on its one-acre exhibition grounds, which are known as Vystaviste. These attractions will include rides such as carousels, roller coasters and waterfalls, as well as concerts and performances throughout the city. This year's festival also promises a number of food venues that will feature traditional Czech cuisine such as smoked meats, Czech gingerbread, cotton candy and Turkish honey. Anyone who plans to visit Prague between March 5th and April 25th should not miss the St. Matthew's Fair.

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