Things to do | Posted 22 Feb 2012
Nottingham: The name conjures up images of ladies in lavish, medieval dresses and quiver bearing men in tights; the most famous of which bore the name of Robin Hood. Home to one of the greatest legends in all of England, Nottingham is still an amazing city drawing visitors of all ages and backgrounds to rediscover its rich heritage and history.

One of the most popular tours in Nottingham is the Robin Hood Town Tour. Originally designed as a tour for journalists prior to the release of Russell Crowe’s movie version of the legend, this guided walking tour, led by an actor portraying the legend himself, introduces visitors to the real man named Robin Hood. The tour begins at the Cross Keys Pub, this experience guides visitors through the town of Nottingham and helps separate the historical figure of Robin Hood from the man Legend has created him to be. While much of the historical texts related to Robin Hood have been lost through the halls of time, discover how more than 700 simple ballads about this great man have shaped what we know about him today.

Top sights visited while on the tour include the oldest pub in Nottingham, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Wander through a cave system that weaves its way underneath the Nottingham city streets. Visit the Lace market and get lost in the wonder of medieval architecture. One stop even includes the steps of the Old County Gaol, the location of many public hangings, and then a quiet trip to the St. Mary’s church cemetery. Most importantly, discover why Nottingham Castle is really not a castle, but held a different type of status in relation to the crown.

With so much to see, it is impossible to get a true feel for this marvelous city in just one day. Consider staying overnight in one of the many hotels in Nottingham. In addition, youth friendly hostels and camping options are popular. For a different experience, check out one of the many bed and breakfasts or experience life on a farm at one of the guest ranches in the area. Looking for a romantic getaway? Spa packages and romance packages are popular in Nottingham and there are a variety of packages to fit every need.

Discover the man behind the legend on the Robin Hood Town Tour. Get lost in the city streets and be transported to another time where chivalry was paramount and things were not always what they seem. Discover Nottingham for your next holiday destination.

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