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When taking a holiday in London, there are plenty of amazing attractions to visit for the whole family. If you are from the area or staying at one of the hotels in London city centre, one of the strangest and most interesting places to see is the Ripley's Believe it or Not Auditorium.

Robert Ripley was an eccentric character who traveled the world in search of odd, unique and mysterious artifacts to house in his museums. London's Auditorium is five floors full of these artifacts.

You will see such sights as a Mini-cooper car covered in over one million Swarvoski crystals, shrunken heads and dinosaur eggs. See Marilyn Monroe's personal make up case including over 40 of the original items.

Stand next to Robert Wadlow, who at 8'11" was known as the tallest man who ever lived.

When searching for your accommodations for your holiday, there are plenty of choices that will keep you close to Ripley's. Find the perfect hotel in London with all the local sights, and you can walk to plenty of attractions or hop on the tube or bus for easy travel.

While at Ripley's see the magnificent replica of the Tower Bridge. Built from over 250,000 matchsticks, it is a wonder to see. A sculpture of the Beatles made out of chewing gum is a strange sight indeed.

Wandering through Ripley's can take as long as you wish. You can stroll at your leisure and read all the interesting facts posted around the artifacts. You can even read some more odd facts when you head to the bathroom. Young and old alike will find plenty to attract their attention in Ripley's. Hands on interactive exhibits are also scattered throughout, so everything is not behind glass and untouchable.

For some adventure, check out the Mirror Maze. This awesome maze will have you completely lost while you travel through the columned mirrors in search of a way out. The spinning tunnel in Ripley's is also a mind blowing attraction. Try to walk through without losing your balance or holding on. It is quite impossible.

There are plenty of other sights to see within close distance to Ripley's. The London Aquarium and London Dungeon are just a few. Ripley's does have a torture chamber where you can read of the macabre acts that took place and the secrets they held. This part may be a little scary for the little ones.

Plan your holiday to London to include a stop at Ripley's Auditorium.

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