Posted 02 Mar 2011
This year's British Tourism Week will begin with the Party on the Pier in Brighton. Designed to celebrate the rich heritage of the many piers of Brighton and the rest of the United Kingdom, this event is set to be held on the Saturday of March 12, 2011. The largest event of its kind since 1996, Party on the Pier in Brighton will provide visitors and locals with a chance to enjoy all the trappings of an authentic British seaside festival.

Party on the Pier in Brighton is a collaboration between several organizations, including the British Resorts and Destinations Association (BRADA), the Tourism Management Institute (TMI), the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) and the UK's National Piers Society. In addition to the piers in Brighton and Brighton West, over 30 of Britain's historic piers have expressed interest or made plans to participate in this nation-wide event. This means that a number of piers at seaside harbors, canals, rivers and lakes across the country will all be featuring a variety of festivities simultaneously on March 12.

In addition to its primary goal of showcasing Brighton's and the rest of the UK's piers, Party on the Pier is also aimed at bringing attention to the importance of Britain's £115 billion tourism industry. John Penrose, the UK's current Minister for Tourism, has personally endorsed the event, describing it as an excellent way to celebrate a unique aspect of Britain's history and cultural heritage. Party on the Pier in Brighton is likely to be an fresh, exciting event with entertainment that appeals to a wide variety of people, including both Brighton residents and travelers from the UK and abroad. Party on the Pier will provide visitors with an opportunity to explore Britain's rich maritime heritage and enjoy the unique seaside festivities Brighton has to offer.

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