Posted 17 Oct 2011
The beautiful and historic city of Prague, in the Czech Republic, is an ideal setting in which to ring in the New Year, choose from one of the fine hotels in Prague, and experience the fantastic scenery and atmosphere the city offers. The Czech people are a fun and festive bunch, and their capital city in Eastern Europe becomes a cultural magnet for visitors looking to embrace the New Year with fireworks, beer and good times. With its long history and fairytale-styled architecture, Prague is a magical setting for this colorful and celebratory holiday.

Prague is all about revelry on New Years Eve. However, a quieter night can also be found amongst the city’s cobbled streets and churches. Many restaurants and pubs will be running specials, and the romantic couple that opts for a quieter evening over a debauched party will have plenty of options to choose from. On the other hand, in Prague, a party is always right around the corner or in the next square. Prague is well known for its party boats and jazz cruises. Party boats and cruises sail guests down Prague’s famed Charles River. There is food and dancing on these boats, and a DJ provides music. Prague’s firework display is best seen from these river cruises. Reservations are required.

The fireworks display at midnight is Prague’s main New Years Eve attraction. In fact, all of Europe has a uniquely festive adoration of fireworks. Everyone shoots of fireworks on New Years Eve. As midnight approaches, Prague Castle, Petrin Hill and Charles Bridge become the main gathering points for people to watch the fireworks over the Charles River. However, in the Old Town Square you will not find people watching fireworks, but setting off their own. Hand-held fireworks are extremely popular in Prague.

Whether you decide on a quiet restaurant or a boat cruise, New Years Eve in Prague is like something from a fairytale.

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