Posted 15 Sep 2011
The Day of The Republic in Prague 2011 is one of the biggest events in the Czech Republic held each and every year. The celebration is held on October 28 to commemorate the independence of Czechoslovakia in 1918 from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire following World War One. While the country of Czechoslovakia no longer exists, this date is still celebrated as the day of independence for the modern country of the Czech Republic.

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has a number of celebrations on October 28. If you are visiting Prague during 2011's Day of The Republic, you can expect the city's stores and assorted shops to have limited operating hours, or to not even be open at all. Otherwise, there are many celebrations for the founding of Czechoslovakia. The city's downtown will be full of celebrations, with bars and restaurants catering to the young people of the city, visitors and locals alike. The Day of The Republic is an excellent day to visit the Czech Republic, especially Prague.

The Day of The Republic is a national holiday, so all government services are closed for the day. On this day, family and friends get together and enjoy one another's company. The celebrations held on the Day of The Republic are like many of the other assorted independence holidays held throughout the rest of the world. The city's civil services will hold official events in parks and other recreational areas to provide a safe atmosphere for the day's celebrations.

Surely, The Day of The Republic in Prague and throughout the entire Czech Republic is a day not to be missed by anyone. It will add memories to everyone's travels, and the city itself is a site to be seen. Spending a holiday in the beautiful city of Prague is unforgettable. If you are planning on attending and need a hotel, check out the Jurys Inn range of hotels in Prague .

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