Posted 24 Oct 2011
There’s nothing like going to the theatre. The Sage in Newcastle is one of the most interesting edifices, with its mirrored, shiny exterior and wavy design. It is an international destination for music lovers and anyone interested in the evolution of music and musical discovery. The concerts held annually here are amazing and with a fine selection of luxury Gateshead hotels to choose from you really will enjoy your trip here. Here are some of the top concerts playing at the Sage this year.

Arthur Jeffes – Sundog An expert of the solo piano, Arthur was just last year coming from the Penguin Café and putting on small solo piano concerts. Today he is performing live at the Sage in Newcastle. His piano rhythms are melodic, soft and yet mathematically correct and extremely precise. You can expect to hear him play the first song off his track Penguin Cage, the Coriolios.

The Overtones They are popular!! That’s one of many ways to describe this eclectic group, whose album is currently occupying the number four slot on the UK music charts. They are a male vocal harmony group, creating beautiful and catchy music that audience of all ages will love to hear. Their performance at The Sage is one of a 16 city tour they are embarking upon.

Fujito Piano Trio Prepare to be genuinely amazed. These “magical Fujita sisters” play their stunning selection of music entirely from memory. Each person that belongs to this fine musical group is highly trained and endlessly talented, their work admired by the best of the business.

Northern Sinfonia with Bernard Labadie Bernard Labadie skilfully conducts his orchestra through the musical symphonic renderings of Mozart, Haydn and Handel. Each piece tells a different story, and that story is conveyed beautifully in the timeless and gorgeous music.

Christian Wallumrod Ensemble Wallumrod’s musical group skilfully combines different elements of the baroque musical style to entertain audiences.

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