Posted 27 May 2011

The Proms Prague, which proudly gets its name and is inspired by the BBC Proms, will be held for the seventh time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world this summer—June 21-August 23, 2011.

“Prom” is short for promenade concert, a term that comes from the old practice of audience members promenading, or strolling, in areas of the concert hall during a performance. The term now refers to the use of standing areas such as the arena and gallery inside the hall, where ticket prices are much lower than the cost of reserved seating. Those who take advantage of this system are called “promenaders,” or more commonly, “prommers,” and there is a whole sub-culture of them, especially in the UK and in Europe.

In London, this tradition has been honored for eight weeks each summer since 1895, where daily orchestral and classical music concerts and other events are held, in various venues throughout the city, including concert halls and public parks. The Proms has been described as “the world’s largest and most democratic musical festival,” and the Prague Proms continues the tradition. Classical music serves as the basis for the musical genres the Prague Proms showcases, but jazz, stage musicals, and film music is also prominent. Its Hollywood Nights, for example, presents the importance of music in film.

The doors have been opened to any kind of music that can by described as “symphonic.” The reason for this great variety is clear: Prague Proms is closely associated with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, which is known throughout the world for its outstanding quality, as well as its ability to perform a wide range of music genres.

This year, the Prague Proms schedule is exciting. It will be held all over the city, in venues such as the Municipal House, St. Agnes Convent, Vinohrady Theatre, the Prague Congress Centre, the Jazz Dock, Zofin Gardens, the Church of St. Barbara, and the Mercedes Benz Forum. If you are planning on visiting this amazing city and need a hotel, check out the Jurys Inn range of hotels in Prague.

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