Exeter Innsider

Elegant and cosmopolitan, Exeter is a modestly-sized city on Devon’s south coast. It’s a place that has perfected its blend of old and new, with sleek contemporary retail districts punctuating medieval cobbled streets, while the city’s Quayside only adds to the charm. The gothic Exeter Cathedral, with its dramatic vaulted ceiling, is a must-see no matter what brings you to town, as is the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Come the evening, take your pick between hearty grub in cosy pubs, or getting in on the latest international dining trends at the city’s stylish independents. Couple that with a location just a stone’s throw from the natural beauty of Dartmoor, and there’s plenty that’ll impress on your trip to Exeter.

With so much on offer, you’ll need to hit the ground running when you head to Exeter. To help you uncover its best kept secrets, we teamed up with bloggers and experts who call the city home.

Here are some of the lesser-known Devon attractions, tried and tested by travel bloggers:

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