Days Out

Belmont Park

Exeter’s Belmont Park is a large and sporty outdoor space perfect for a family day out, whether it’s a jog, a kick-about with your mates, or simply a long walk. Standing out amongst the play areas and stretches of green is England’s first garden created especially for the blind, the Sensory Garden. It was built in 1939 and contains a range of flowers and plants of stimulating scent, colour, and texture. To enhance the sensory experience, the plants are all kept at eye level and within arm’s reach.

Belmont Park is a short seven-minute walk from our Exeter hotel.

Exeter's Historic Quayside

One of the city’s most attractive spots, Exeter’s Historic Quayside is a favourite with locals and visitors alike thanks to its colourful history and heritage, visually stunning architecture, and an array of pubs and restaurants creating a lively atmosphere. You can enhance the experience with a boat ride or a walk down the Exeter Ship Canal, the first canal built in Britain since the Roman era, letting you explore the city’s charming sights and sounds.

Find the Historic Quayside and Ship Canal just a fifteen-minute walk from Jurys Inn Exeter.

Dartmoor National Park

Only a short drive from Exeter city centre, Dartmoor National Park is a haven of picturesque and historical landscapes, with plenty to do and see throughout. You can get stuck in with a range of activities, from hiking and cycling to horse-riding and canoeing, or discover the local area and its historic castles and ruins. There are also a number of events on during the year, from markets and live shows to photography courses and park runs, and you can explore the moorland towns in the surrounding area for a taste of local cuisine and shopping.

Dartmoor National Park is located around a thirty-minute drive from Jurys Inn Exeter.

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