Cork City Gaol

For one of the most unique experiences in Cork, visit Cork City Gaol, a former prison and now one of the biggest attractions in Ireland. The castle-like building houses remarkably life-like wax figures of notorious prisoners, as well as patches of original graffiti from the Gaol’s older days, offering a striking and informative look into the rich history of Cork.

Cork City Gaol also offers a self-guided tour of the adjoining Radio Museum, with an audio visual accompaniment in up to thirteen different languages. Around the grounds you’ll find a picnic area and the Gatehouse Café, offering up delicious food and drink before you head to the souvenir shop for a variety of goodies!

The Gaol is just off Convent Avenue, a short ten-minute drive from our Cork hotel.

Crawford Art Gallery

A National Cultural Institution, the Crawford Art Gallery gives a fascinating insight into the rich and colourful artistic history of Ireland as well as the rest of Europe. With over 200,000 visitors a year, this gallery is dedicated to the visual arts, with a selection of beautiful paintings and sculptures dating back to the eighteenth century.

The gallery also holds a number of modern video installations, displaying the fine balance of contemporary and historical art that gives Crawford Art Gallery its glowing reputation. With a café serving delicious food and drink, the atmosphere of the gallery is welcoming and a worthwhile visit for everyone in the city.

You can find Crawford Art Gallery a ten-minute walk from Jurys Inn Cork.

Collin Barracks Military Museum

The Collin Barracks Military Museum is an honourable recognition of Cork’s military history. Located in the Old Guard Room, the museum offers three themed exhibitions – the History of the Barracks, Michael Collins, and Peacekeeping. See a collection of captivating items and objects from times of war in an engaging and educational display, and share in the electric atmosphere of the garrison.

The museum is on Old Youghal Road, a short ten-minute drive from our Cork hotel.

Cork Butter Museum

Following the trend of attractions unique to Cork, the Cork Butter Museum is an institution that celebrates the thriving success of Irish trade. Follow the story of Cork’s dairy industry and explore the gallery dedicated to the butter-making business, including a keg of butter over a thousand years old. The museum also offers an insight into the Butter Exchange, a vital part of Ireland’s international trade industry, on the fun and informative tour.

Cork Butter Museum is situated on O’Connell Square, about fifteen minutes from the Jurys Inn Cork.

Blarney Castle and Gardens

Visit Blarney Castle and Gardens with the whole family and discover legends, mystery, and intrigue amongst the vast grounds and castle building, from the underground dungeon to the Witch Stone, which is believed to be a haunt of the Witch of Blarney.

The Castle also has a number of interesting and picturesque gardens, including the Poison Garden, which is home to a collection of poisonous plants from all over the world, and the beautiful Herbaceous Border, displaying a range of colourful shrubberies and flowers that will give anyone a lift. No visit to Blarney Castle is complete without seeing the famous Blarney Stone, said to reward whoever kisses it with ‘the gift of eloquence’.

After exploring the castle and gardens, you can stop by the Blarney Castle Shop for souvenirs from their unique collections, including ‘The Gift of the Gab Collection’. Blarney Castle is about a twenty minute drive from the Jurys Inn Cork.

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