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Christmas is my favourite time of year in Cardiff. There’s so much to do and the of Christmas lights make the city even more beautiful. There are even glowing reindeer guarding the castle. Just strolling around the city centre you’ll be filled with festive joy – particularly when you stumble across the markets.

I know that most cities have Christmas markets, and I’ve been to a lot of them, but I do feel like Cardiff’s are better than most. There are so many stalls and stands, selling such a great variety of products that you could never get bored. There are arts and craft items, beauty products to bask in, and perhaps most importantly; lots of super delicious food and drink!

I love that the Christmas stalls in Cardiff are on wide streets, which means you have plenty of room to breathe. I’ve been to some markets where you have to squish and squeeze yourself through crowds of people because the stalls have been put right in the middle of the high street. You’ll have space to stroll with a hot chocolate (or mulled wine) in hand without the risk of accidentally knocking it into someone. They’re open until December 23rd and well worth a visit.

Aside from the markets, there are lots of fun and festive activities to join in with. The Royal College of Music and Drama hosts many different performances throughout the year, but during December it’s all about Christmas. Tickets are very reasonably priced and the performances are always outstanding. From brass bands to Footloose, there’s something for everyone and it makes a great alternative to the Millennium Centre if you’d rather keep closer to town.

Even as an adult, what’s more magical than a toy shop at Christmas? I remember going to London as a child and being completely overwhelmed by the magic of Hamley’s. Now there’s a Hamley’s store right in my home town! There aren’t many of these stores around the UK, so it’s a pretty big deal, and the kids are certain to be wowed by it. They can even meet Father Christmas there!

Cardiff’s food and drink offering is fantastic anyway, but I recommend choosing from the Christmas markets. I always go for a crepe (Nutella and strawberries) and a hot chocolate - opt for the Ferrero Rocher flavour and you won’t want to drink anything else ever again. If you’re looking for a festive afternoon tea, then you need to head straight to Caffi Sio in Chapter Arts. They offer a variety of afternoon tea styles to suit your needs, from classic to vegan or gin filled!

Cardiff City Centre
St John Street, Working Street, the Hayes, Hills Street, Trinity Street, Royal College of Music and Drama, St Davids 2 Shopping Centre.

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