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Upcoming Football Matches in Manchester April 2011 Apr 01 Sports fans looking to experience a memorable evening in Manchester should look no further than the city's two football juggernauts, Manchester United and Manchester City FC. During the month of April, visitors will be able to catch four separate football matches in Manchester. April 3: Manchester C ... Booking for the Manchester Derby - Man Utd vs Man City Feb 12th Jan 06 Manchester will be home to a February 12th match between Manchester United and Manchester City, commonly referred to as the Manchester Derby. After a 0-0 draw at the last Manchester Derby in November, the rival squads will both likely be eager to capture a win. Set to be played at Manchester United ... Theatre in Manchester in December Dec 08 Manchester is the third most visited city in the United Kingdom. It is also one of England's most influential cultural centres. From a music perspective, it has produced bands such as The Smiths, The Chemical Brothers and Joy Division, and is said to have been the driving force behind indie music in ... Manchester Comedy Festival 2010 Oct 13 Manchester, England is home to some of the most vibrant nightlife in the world. Active support from local authorities as well as high public interest have led to massive economic expansion in Manchester's night-time entertainment sector since 1993. The city contains over 500 clubs, bars and venues t ... Muse Manchester Arena September 2010 Aug 27 English rock gods Muse will be playing at Old Trafford Cricket ground on September 4, 2010. The Old Trafford Cricket Ground, around since 1856, has seen some of the largest international cricket matches have been played at the ground as well as some of the largest names in popular music. Bands like ...
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