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The Chinese State Circus - Mulan Feb 11-13 (Belfast) Jan 02 Held from February 11 to 13, and based on the classic story of Mulan - one of China's most-loved heroines - the Chinese State Circus is filled with precision acrobatics, dazzling circus skills, Shaolin martial arts and wonderfully colourful characters from the Peking Opera. Over the years, Mulan has ... The Belfast Beer and Cider Festival November 2010 Nov 07 The Belfast Beer and Cider Festival is one of Ireland's finest beer festivals. People regularly come from all over the British Isles to enjoy some of the region's best beer and cider as well as to enjoy live entertainment and play games. Event Information The Belfast Beer and Cider Festival takes ... Belfast Fringe Festival 2010 Oct 06 Belfast Fringe Festival 2010 will take place in late October, running from Friday, October 22 through Sunday, October 24 in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland's largest city. The 2010 Fringe Festival will have the added bonus of occuring during the middle of the Belfast Festival at Queen's, a pop ... Belfast Music Week 2010 Sep 10 Belfast Music Week 2010 is a celebration of the music of Belfast, Northern Ireland. As the home of artists such as Van Morrison and DJ David Holmes, Belfast is home to a rich musical heritage that the event is designed to showcase. Many of Belfast's artists are known for a vigorous playing style, pe ... August Féile 2010 | Performances and Events at August Féile 2010 Aug 02 Performances and Events at August Féile 2010 The August Féile 2010 is one of Ireland’s biggest community specific festivals. From July 30th to August 8th, the August Féile 2010 event focuses on celebrating the people and culture of Ireland. The August Féile has bee ...
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